The Subways Return To LA; Whither DeMarco & The Cowboy?

The Subways Return To LA; Whither DeMarco & The Cowboy?

PHOTO: The Subways reach our Santa Monica beach.

SubwaysAugust 9, 2006. A date that lives on in infamy. A day that marked the one and only collaboration of Bill DeMarco and The Cowboy for Losanjealous. The occasion? Fun U.K. trio The Subways performing at The Troubadour. Cut to 2008, and nearly two years to the exact date, and the world is a very different place–DeMarco has retired, Subway sandwiches are now just $5, the war on terror finally over–and The Subways return to The Troubadour, their shiny new Butch Vig’d-up LP (ProTools’d in this very city!) in tow.

SubwaysBeyond a rare glimpse at a nascent rendering of the Losanjealous trademark photo watermark, this one-off hybrid review yielded such nuggets of pullquote gold as:

“They have a long way to go before they’re anywhere near as good as the Eagles. On the other hand, the Subways are 19 years old and make records. I’m 46 and hanging out in a gay bar the size of a Costco on Robertson.”

“Some glassy-eyed cougar was chatting me up as I pounded Jameson after neverending Jameson. ’Can you believe I’m 55 years old?’ ’No you are not.’ ’Oh but I am.’ ’Get right the hell out. I thought you were 80, minimum.’”

Come this Friday, will DeMarco and/or The Cowboy reemerge to grace us with a gonzo dispatch from The Subways at The Troubadour and/or the surrounding WeHo watering holes? And, if so, Will MVPete reemerge to comment on the whole mess? Stay Tuned.


The Subways w/ blackmarket & Spacehog @ Troubadour Fri 8/1