Tito’s Tacos User Manual, Chapter 4: The Box

Fig. 1.

1. Upon lifting off the lid off your Tito’s Box™, do not become alarmed should you see only fried tortilla triangles (“chips”) and not your taco(es), salsa, burrito(es) and guac. (Guac optional.) [Fig. 1]

2. Invert the top lid of your Tito’s Box™ and place adjacent to box bottom half.

3. Slowly remove “chips” and place within inverted lid to uncover your ordered food items. [Fig. 2]

4. Enjoy, alternating bites from chips/salsa/guac to food item(s) and back.

5. Repeat.

Fig. 2.

NOTE: Your oil-dappled Tito’s Box™ lid bearing your purchase total scribbled in pencil is an acceptable receipt for business tax purposes.