BREAKING: Michael Cera Backlash Brewing

BREAKING: Michael Cera backlash brewing. First Defamer put it out there that M.C. is apparently passing on the long-rumored much-anticipated A.D. movie. Today, Wells springboards off this Sun.’s NYT profile and pretty much nails it.

But, to [over]simplify, maybe it’s just all about the damn fleece zip hoody sweatshirts.


Juno. (obvs.) One of a couple of hoodies donned by the character throughout the film, the signature one of course, the bright red track team pullover, while not a zippered hoody, still a hoody nonetheless.


Superbad. Progressing to a somewhat better fitting, more mature solid color hoody.


Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Promisingly, this hoody is sungly fitted, suggesting a bit more confidence. Also of note, it appears from this photo still that this particular hoody mysteriously has its hood drawstrings completely retracted or removed entirely (the Freudians among you please feel free to go nuts with this bit).