Under $10: Bab Jip Corean Cuisine

bab jip corean cuisinePREFACE
I had not posted a single photo on Flickr for 365 straight days. I logged in. I looked at the photos in my “contact list.” Karen had posted these killer photos of the food at some joint on south La Brea. South La Brea is central. Central is good. The photos looked not so much like Korean fast food as they did fresh food, made fast. Specifically, mini sliders and bulgogi tacos. At first glance, my lunch plans were laid out.

Sure enough, Bab Jip is fresh food, made fast. Rockin’ little joint, mid wilsh. Flatscreens, techno, wood-and-rock panelling. Counter. Indoor and outdoor seating. La Brea foot-and-bus traffic does its thing just outside the glass wall, giving the eyeball plenty of material with which to work. I like the nod to pre-invasion Corea. Not sure why it’s spelled “Corea”? Don’t bother googling you’ll probably just find this guy’s afro and a keyboard setup that could put Rick Wakeman against the ropes. Try this essay; very informative.

bab jip corean cuisine

I liked the fact that for a whopping $2, I could upgrade my triple-bulgogi-slider platter to include a Coke and sweet potato fries. Some joints charge a premium for sweet potato fries. Not this joint. Total cost for three sliders, the fries and drink, post tax: $7.57


  • BURGERS:::
    Buns were a bit dry. Otherwise, rock solid. Ground beef patties were accentuated with bulgogi sauce, sauteed onions and just the right dusting of shredded cabbage. Good portion control but to be honest I could probably have eaten two more, sans buns. What a porker.
    Fries were ludicrously fresh and may well have been cut after my order was placed from the look of it. Dusted with sugar. The fries here almost had the consistency of yucca. Not saturated with oil, which is good, but which also means condiments are in order (which changes the game because, as mentioned, sweet potato fries are sugary). Just play condiment roulette, plenty to choose from.
  • BEVERAGE::::
    Coke from a robotic cruvinet is always a crapshoot and seldom controlled by the retailer. Pleased to say the robot got just the right amount of soda water and syrup. The Coke was a very wet Coke, which is what you want in a Coke. The Coke included ice.

Recommended sub-$10 eatery. Food porn follows.

850 S La Brea

bab jip corean cuisine
Kimchi fried rice

bab jip corean cuisine
Beef bulgogi taco

bab jip corean cuisine
Slider w/Sriracha modification

All food photos lifted from unsure shot’s flickr (thanks Karen).