Reader Picks: Your Favorite Festival, 2008

festivals_2008Alright, then! Ready for another one of these awesome end-of-year polls, now that the first one is apparently already in danger of being enshrouded in some sort of Blagojevichian scandal? (N/B: I have only myself to blame for not making the ground rules clear and concise, but at the end of the day the polls are getting people excited about music in Los Angeles, and that’s the real goal here. [Getting people excited about Aziz is a pleasant surprise as well.])

So this time ’round, we want you to choose the best festival of 2008. We’re not looking for an individual performance here so much as the overall festival, itself: How were the acts? The food? The drinks? The bathrooms? The parking? How tight was that annoying wristband? Etc. All we ask is that you keep the festivals local this year (no Bonnaroos), and that you keep local street fairs and smaller festivals in mind just as much as the big lavish productions. Beyond that, anything’s fair game (hell, last year “Lobsterfest: Red Lobster” placed third with 452 votes, if that’s any indication). I’m adding Coachella, voting for it once, and going to go get a cup of coffee. You know what to do. Again with this one, you have until December 31. Hop to it! (Call out: Sean Carlson I expect you to vote for “F Yeah” at least once. Don’t disappoint.) Without further ado…

UPDATE, 12/31/08: Polls closed as of New Years Eve.
Happy New Year! Who won?
Results will be posted early 2009. Check back.