Indie 103.1 Has Imploded, If You Did Not Get The Memo

indiegraveYep, it’s true. We should have some interesting takes on the Indie/Entravision station’s death soon. Meantime, Metblogs has posted what appears to be the twitter scoop here. Some kind soul (embittered staffer?) has already updated Wikipedia as well:

On August 19th, 2008, Station Manager Dawn Girocco announced her departure from the station.[2] Starting in October 2008, longtime specialty shows were either dropped (“Feel My Heat,” Community Service,” “Big Sonic Heaven,” “Camp Freddy Radio”) or moved to weekends (“Harmony in My Head”).[3] Upon the cancellation of his roots music show “Watusi Rodeo,” Chris Morris accused the station of “now being styled as KROQ Jr.” in an effort to increase the station’s ratings.[4]

In November 2008, Escalante stated he was giving up the morning show but would continue to host an expanded two-hour version of his legal-advice show, “Barely Legal Radio.”[1] He was replaced by longtime station DJ “TK.”

On January 15, 2009, Indie 103.1 announced on the air that it would soon be ending its run on the FM frequency. (source)

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