Radiohead + USC Marching Band @ Grammy Awards?

Radiohead + USC Marching Band @ Grammy Awards?


Crazy rumor floating around right now according to AtEaseWeb:

…we’d love to believe these rumours: Radiohead will be playing with the USC Marching Band. We’ve no confirmation on this yet, so we’ll just have to wait a couple of days to see it’s really going to happen. (src)

Bring it. I am excited and will actually watch the Grammys this year, but this all dredges up a sore, older-than-it-should-be topic: Why cannot I spell it Grammies and, further, why do both screwy words remind me of the mothers of my parents more than anything else? (luv you g-ma!) (luv you granny!)

» Grammy Rumours: 15 Step + USC Marching Band? (AtEaseWeb) (via NME)

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