The Prodigy Return To The Southland

The Prodigy Return To The Southland


The Prodigy @ The Grove of Anaheim Tues 5/26
The Prodigy @ The Palladium Wed 5/27

InvadersNow coming up on their 20th year, The Prodigy return for what appear to me to be their first headling non-festival shows in the LA area in about 15 years. (American Legion Hall, 1995? Were you there?) There was a distinct moment in 1997 when for better or worse, either deservedly so or in the usual press hyped tradition, The Prodigy were the international heir apparents to the rock throne, who, along with The Chemical Brothers were ushing in the new era of electronic beat music merging with your dad’s rock n’ roll. There is really no denying the hybridization of dance with rock has come to roost here in 2009 from that nascent moment. Add to this The Prodigy’s ongoing hilarious flame war in the press with Chumbawumba and they have solidfied their place in rock’s pantheon.

Check back later this week for Sung’s coverage of their Palladium show.

New, possibly NSFW, video for “Warriors Dance” from the Invaders Must Die LP