New Dodos Album Time To Die Available For $2.99 @ Amazon Today Only This Week Only

The Dodos @ The Getty Sat Aug 8 (Don’t forget: Free parking!)

If you haven’t been following the Dodos’ new Phil Ek-produced album saga, here are the highlights(?) as we know them:

  • The new album was leaked earlier this month
  • To combat the leak, Meric Long and Logan Kroeber created this website and offered the album as a free high-quality (320kbps) stream
  • Individual tracks are priced at a standard $0.99 rate, but the entire album is now available at Amazon for $2.99, today only (updated: this week only)
  • The album will cost more than $2.99 at all other retailers, beginning next Tuesday
  • The physical album will drop September 15 on Frenchkiss.

While you’re throwing that one into your shopping cart, don’t forget: Your best Amazon mp3 bet to date remains those incomparable 47-minute Miles Davis live fusion mp3s priced at the bank-breaking rate of $0.99/per.