Vote Today for LA's Best Live Venue in Citysearch Poll: Spazio Restaurant or Plan B? Only 13 Hours Left!

Vote Today for LA’s Best Live Venue in Citysearch Poll: Spazio Restaurant or Plan B? Only 13 Hours Left!

city_venuezWe do not wish to discuss the Microsoft-Yahoo deal announced today, opting instead to point out a timely issue directly affecting our readership: namely, the Best Live Music Venue In Los Angeles title. To bring you up to speed, NBC conducted a Best Live Venue In Los Angeles poll not long ago. Now, it’s Citysearch’s turn to bat. And bat they do! In the current Citysearch poll, the top four live music venues in Los Angeles are Shore Ultra Lounge in Long Beach, The Draft Bar and Grill in Studio City, Plan B in “that one Mr-Cecil’s-Ribs-themed stretch of West LA Pico” and Spazio Restaurant in Sherman Oaks.

Say What?

The curious top ten list continues: Sgt. Pepper’s Dueling Piano Cafe (Long Beach), Rusty’s Surf Ranch (Santa Monica Pier), Cabana Club (Tinseltown proper), Backstage Bar & Grill (Culver), Zanzibar and the Roxy. Ah, #10! Finally a venue we’d consider legitimately worthy of the running. Say what you will about the Citysearch audience and its dwindling vitality, they have definitely heard of the Roxy. (Aside to Citysearch: We fully understand you had no room on this list for the Hollywood Bowl, guys, but did you really have to leave off Applebee’s West Covina as well?)

Far be it from us to quibble over who’s to blame for the pointed lack of notable SoCal venues over at the Citysearch Best Live Venue poll (missing at a glance, all in LA proper: Airliner, Amoeba, Avalon, Barnsdall, Catalina, Cinespace, Conga Room, Disney Hall, Echoplex, El Cid, El Rey, Fonda, Forum, Gibsoversal Amphitheatre, GRAMMY Museum, Greek, Bowls Hollywood and Rose, House of Blues, Jazz Bakery (temporarily closed as of June 1 but you’re only voting on half a year here, anyhow), Key Club, Knitting Factory, La Cita, Largo, Mayan, McCabe’s, Mint, Mr. T’s Bowl, Natural History Museum, Orpheum, Palladium, Redwood, Royce Hall, Second Street Jazz, Silverlake Lounge, Smell, Staples, Steve Allen Theater, Tangier, Troubadour, Various Nokia Entities, Viper, Wiltern, No Need To Continue At This Point); we’ll leave that to the editorial department over at Citysearch. Meantime here at the Losanjealous, we typically reserve all “best of” reader judgments for the end of the year (if you’re a longtime reader, you are more than familiar with this practice by now). Last year we steered clear of a “best venue” vote, but who’s to say we don’t keep up with the NBCs Citysearches Bings and Yahoos in ’09? As such, please do feel free to write-in your favorite venue in the comment section below, should you wish that we craft a considerably more authoritarian, less-biased and actual-venue-knowledge-infused poll at the end of calendar year 2009. Again, let us know if you need any venue ideas.