Citysearch Amps Strange Factor in Local “Best Venue 2009” Lists; Declares No Victor in Los Angeles


Citysearch! Where did we go wrong? Following yesterday’s playful post on Losanjealous you’ve now removed all 20 hilarious listings from your Best Los Angeles Venue 2009 As Voted By Local Readers On July 29, 2009 list, declaring no winners and nonchalantly advising that I “take a look at another city.” Fine, I’ll look at other cities, though I really do live in Los Angeles. Lessee…hrmm…ah yes, here we go. Chicago now has a #1 best venue and two #2 best venues for 2009 as declared by Citysearch readers, but nothing further, and New York officially has a four-way tie for eighth-best venue of 2009 as declared by Citysearch readers – 8th place being between The Bowery Electric, Bowery Ballroom, S.O.B.’s and Sutra Lounge.

Red herring. That shit just does not help me locally, guys. Declaring “no victor” is an open-faced, glove-across-the-cheek, spit-on-the-feet insult to each and every establishment that calls itself a venue in our fair city. I call on you now: Where should I go if I am seeking the Best Live Venue in Los Angeles, 2009? Where should I turn? What dark, alcohol-suffused, scuffed-floor club, and/or posh restaurant, shall claim the victor spoils for 2009? Who’s getting that coveted wall plaque? You still make those nifty plaques, right!? Help! I’ll continue to hang on to my Zagat Nightlife (2005 edition) until I get some answers.

UPDATE, 228pm: Later That Same Day: Citysearch now firmly declares Backstage Bar and Grill the Best Live Venue in Los Angeles, 2009 as chosen by its readers. Congrats to BB&G, who are followed by Roxy, Rusty’s Surf Ranch, The Draft Bar and Grill, Echo, and a four-way tie for sixth place featuring V Lounge, Air Conditioned, Spaceland and Hotel Cafe. Whither Sgt. Pepper’s Dueling Piano Cafe In Long Beach and Plan B Gentleman’s Club Down On Pico in this mostly normal list? Sigh.