LAist Nod @ LA Times Redesign


A Call-Out To Los Angeles Blogs On This Day

Please pick up this story on your website. Keep the ball rolling. Let us not rest on this day of days until the LA Times ultimately has no choice but to re-post the redesign story itself, thus completing our commentary circle in some crudely beautiful, minuscule-yet-altogether-infinitesimal fashion. The logged-in user at the time of the above already-published LAist screen shot capture, one “Margot.Roosevelt@”, will no doubt be forever indebted as well. Instructions: (1) Capture this browser screen and prep for your blog of choice. (2) Your headline might read something like “Losanjealous Nods @ LAist Nod @ La Times Online Redesign”. (3) Provide instructions if need be, and get some other blog to pick up your story accordingly (you are on your own here). Look, dammit, this should be easy. I’ve even captured the next screenshot for you already – downloadable right here, 576px wide, 72dpi. Size to fit, post before noon. Don’t forget your end-of-article attribution links for our joint end-of-day paper trail! Thank you in advance; see you over at the Times website around 6pm. First round’s on me.

» The L.A. Times Gets a Nice Redesign (LAist)