Pallenberg Guest Blogs @ KCET This Month

pallen_jeep_mudPssst! Huell Howser and documentary film fans alike: Harry Pallenberg, doc filmmaker and segment producer for California’s Gold (13 years working with Huell, over 800 shows in various series) is guest blogging this month over KCET way. Thus far he’s delivered two solid entries and for the rest of the month, he will be discussing Los Angeles and serializing his documentary SHOTGUN FREEWAY: Drives Thru Lost L.A. Snippet:

The living-room of our apartment was covered in tapes and archival films that we’d begged, borrowed, and (depending on the statute of limitations) stolen. In classic DIY fashion, we did whatever we needed to do to get it done. At one point we were editing SHOTGUN FREEWAY from 10PM to morning on the Northern Exposure series Avid system, which was fun until I re-calibrated the monitors one night. For another long stretch we found ourselves hand cleaning 100’s of hours of old films that the LAPD Historical Society had discovered in a back jail cell…

Go check it out and do pose your questions and comments directly to Harry in the comment section, should you get the chance.

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