Grant-Lee Phillips Shines on Little Moon

Grant-Lee Philips @ Largo Sat 12/12

A pretty good indicator of which new albums are in medium-to-heavy rotation at Losanjealous HQ, is to see which CD is hanging on John Wooden’s head on my desk.

Long a fan of Grant-Lee Phillips solo and the classic Grant-Lee Buffalo incarnation, GLP Little Moon (Yep-Roc) is a fave listen this fall, easily one of his strongest sets. The press release claims he and his band recorded the whole thing in just four days, which only makes it all the more impressive. Hopefully he can pick up some residual lunar love in the cultural airspace from all the New Moon action.

That’s his current press shot on the right but I still like to think of him as the town troubadour on Gilmore Girls. [Ha ha, you watched Gilmore Girls–Ed.]