How Did It Go? Public Hearing on Proposed New Barney’s Beanery in Westwood


Apparently Barney’s was on the agenda this morning over at the Office of Zoning Administration. (So much about ZONING going on these days! ZOMG!)

Did crotchety Westwood property-owning NIMBYs come out and voice concerns about BB’s becoming yet ANOTHER place for students to purchase alcoholic beverages since the repeal of prohibition? Did UCLA dudes and dudettes counter them by coming out in force to state their case for having a nice place where they can get loaded AND eat alcohol-absorbing pancakes? We eagerly await the outcome.

Amusingly, one of the zone rules on the books for this spot that Barney’s wants to nix is the rule that no alcohol be served without a food purchase. It seems they are anticipating that people will want to go there and just drink. Another interesting tidbit from the notice is that the upstairs mezzanine apparently will only accommodate 14 people. Seems kind of low. Wonder how that will wind up actually working out in practice.


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