R.I.P. Stinkers, Late 2008 – Early 2010

Stinkers–I have this GREAT idea for a bar!
–What is it?
–One word: SKUNKS.
–Well, not JUST skunks, but like 70’s trucker kitsch. And skunks.
–Yeah, like Burt Reynolds, Dukes of Hazzard, CB radios, Schlitz, trucker hats, mustaches, all that kinda awesome stuff.
–Wait. So how do the skunks fit in again?
–Well, the skunks are mounted up on the wall, but it’s like the rear end of the skunks only. And then we rig this air horn to this contraption that when the bartender pulls it, it shoots steam out the skunks anal glands, like they’re spraying the bar! But it’s only steam and doesn’t stink.
–I love it!
–I know, right?! No one will ever get tired of THAT!

Stinker’s Puts A Cork In It
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