Finally, The Lost Final Season Is Here, Finally

Dharma BeerI admit to anticipating tonight’s return of Lost way out of proportion. I was going to recap where we are to date, but I can’t do better than this over-caffeinated, right-on ramble on Defamer (whipped out “from memory”) , so go read that there. Carlton and Lindelof’s tone in the pre-season press to ease fan expectation back ahead of the last season has been duly noted. It’s actually has me in a frame of mind wherein I will be fine without full, scientific explanations to every last question so long as the broader, overarching framework of the story ends up locking in place. Not that I wouldn’t say no to a real explanation of the Numbers or the Smoke Monster. But mostly just don’t fuck up the finale and I’m good.

If you never caught the short Lost Season 6 teaser from Spanish TV scored with Radiohead (“EIIRP”), I’ll stick it below for the hell of it. I just love it when a fitting convergence of art from disparate sources is figured out by third parties.