Wild Beasts Kick off First U.S Tour Tomorrow at Troubadour

Wild BeastsHEADS UP

Wild Beasts w/ Still Life Still & Magic Bullets @ Troubadour Wed 2/10

A dreamy new video for “We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues” off of their second record Two Dancers (Guardian’s #3 LP of 2009) went up today and I’ll stick it below the jump.

Giving that lush record a listen today, it’s the elegance and willful artiness that really strike you. Their singer Hayden Thorpe has one of those singular singing voices that don’t come along too often in (indie) rock. Apparently there are still some tickets left for the show tomorrow. Whether you make it or not, be sure to check back here later for Sung’s coverage from the show.

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