Congratulations to Rusnak Volvo Pasadena, Winner Coveted Volvo President’s Award

WMC-TVBreaking news out of Action 5 WMC-TV in Memphis:


The Rusnak Auto Group is proud to report that Rusnak Volvo Pasadena has been named a recipient of the prestigious Volvo President’s Club Award. The Club acknowledges outstanding performance of the top 10 percent of all Volvo retailers nationwide.

“All year long, we’ve been focusing on the details, big and small, and putting our customers first,” said General Manager, Yohan Haddad. “We’ve had our sights set on this award, and the fact that we achieved it is a testament to the men and women of this dealership and their hard work.

“It’s all about the customer and Rusnak Volvo understands that,” said Doug Speck, president & CEO of Volvo Cars of North America. “By all accounts, 2009 was a difficult year. But, even in the face of a difficult economic environment, Rusnak Volvo stood tall above the crowd.

My heartiest congratulations to Yohan and the gang over at Rusnak Volvo Pasadena.