Latest, Possibly Worst, Kogi BBQ Knock-off Food Truck: Fire Hook

Fire Hook

Step One: Run food truck serving “Korean” food in tortillas, utilizing Twitter to announce location.
Step Two: ?????
Step Three: Profit!

Those glowing, hovering things are tacos–one beef, one pork, both mediocre. Not much point in doing an autopsy on these, but the small nugget of kalbi beef beneath all that cheese was sweet but kind of bland; the pork only had its spicy heat going for it. Their menu is based on the common taco/burrito/quesadilla tortilla triad, though they jazz it up a bit with a sandwich option, as well as tuna, shrimp and salmon options. Even with these small differences, nothing about the truck is inspired.

But don’t take my word for it–listen to Daniel L. of West Los Angeles, who entered the first (and only) review on Yelp!, earning high scores: Useful [22], Funny [21], Cool [20]. (Emboldened emphasis mine):

…my order of spicy pork burrito was an enigma at best. The warm, semi-stiff tortilla had the concept of Chinese moo shu written all over while the fillings that included spicy pork, romaine lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes were distributed unevenly. This caused the top portion of the burrito to fill with air, a mouthful of spicy pulled pork in the middle, and the lettuce to clump at the bottom. I was anticipating some forms of Korean hot sauce in the pork but was surprised by a rather generic barbeque sauce instead. The meat was spicy enough but the taste did not ignite a spark as the hookup was a short lived one-nighter. For $5, my burrito was half the size of an El Farolito suiza…