Captain EO Returns To Save Us All With Song, Dance

Captain EOFrom the Daily News wire:

ANAHEIM – “Captain EO,” a 17-minute 1986 3-D musical adventure film starring Michael Jackson, returns to Disneyland beginning today.

“Captain EO” will be shown in the Tomorrowland theater, where it was shown from 1986-97. It replaces the 3-D film “Honey, I Shrunk The Audience.”

The new 70mm print of “Captain EO” “will sound better than ever thanks to acoustic enhancements made to the theater since the film last played there in 1997,” Heather Hust Rivera, print and social media manager for Disneyland Resort, wrote on the Disney Parks Blog.

Some special effects elements from the original presentation cannot be replicated, Rivera wrote.

I’ll miss Honey I Shunk The Audience. Or not. While I’m sure George Lucas would have had no problem going back and “enhancing” the film he produced (Francis Ford Coppola directing) but they better not have gone and digitally inserted a bunch of Pixar and Marvel characters in it.

Some genius uploaded the whole movie in 3D to YouTube if want to check it out and you happen to have a pair of 3D glasses laying around (not the Avatar type 3D specs, but the old fashioned red/cyan)

Part 1

Part 2