Pavement, Auckland NZ, March 1, First Reunion Show--Setlist & Photo

Pavement, Auckland NZ, March 1, First Reunion Show–Setlist & Photo

Pavement, Auckland

The photo and set list comes from the Posterous of Piero, who was at the gig last night. I mean today, but yesterday, other side of the Date Line. A few more snapshots over there. Funny to see even in a blurry wide shot, they are distinct as remembered–Malkmus’s stage right sideways stance and Fender, Ibold’s center stage hunch, Westie’s beard behind the kit, Nastanovich on keys, percussion and shouting (see other pics), Spiral stage left on guitar (for better or worse sticking with the hat these days).

A hearty 25-song set list, touching on all the records. Of course Coachella won’t get this long a set but I’m guessing many of these, especially the hits. Couldn’t find any reliable review yet on how well they performed and how the sound is these days. Even as a big fan, I admit they the they were a dicey proposition live, different almost each time I saw them. They did get tighter and louder towards the end of their original run.

Songs played below.

Box Elder
Summer Babe

– Slanted and Enchanted
In the mouth a desert (first song)
Trigger Cuts
No life singed her
Conduit for sale
Lorettas Scars

-Crooked Rain
cut your hair
gold soundz
silence kit
elevate me later
range life

– Wowee Zowee
Rattled by the rush
father to a sister of thought
fight this generation
kennel district

– Brighten the corners
Shady Lane
Date w/IKEA

-Pacific Trim EP
Give it a day

-Terror Twilight
Spit on a stranger