Devendra Banhart Plays Wiltern This Wednesday: The Losanjealous Q&A: "I Would Trust Aziz With My Life... But Not My Sandwich"

Devendra Banhart Plays Wiltern This Wednesday: The Losanjealous Q&A: “I Would Trust Aziz With My Life… But Not My Sandwich”

Orpheum 13 October 2007 by Valerie

Devendra Banhart & the Grogs @ The Wiltern Wed Mar 24

Devendra Banhart is currently touring with The Grogs in support of What Will We Be, his latest album (and his first for Warner) which was released late last year. His new website launched one week ago; stream the full album over there. Since he will be at the Wiltern this coming Wednesday, we threw a few questions to Devendra last week. His answers below.

You’ve spoken about it elsewhere, but in a nutshell what were and are the biggest differences about recording and touring under Warner, compared to everything you’ve done prior?

DB: I’m not sure what the difference is quite yet. Perhaps a bigger infrastructure, which I know is obvious. It’s just that all the labels I’ve worked with have given me complete control with the exception of a few unfortunate moments (“I Feel Just Like a Child” and “Heard Somebody Say” videos, I’m lookin’ at you…..and puking into the abysmal travesty that you are while you puke into my heart and eyes forever.)

So how did this label change affect the actual album. Or did it?

The album was recorded not knowing who would put it out.

Alright. Moving on to basketball then. Our photo archives show you in a Lakers jersey on multiple occasions – but let’s talk NCAA briefly since it’s March. Are you following college basketball right now? And if so, what are your picks for the final four?

I really like Die Antwoord. But who doesn’t? I don’t know if they play basketball. Greg Rogove (of Megapuss – ed) was a college-level basketball star who watched Hoop Dreams a couple time…. and Magic Johnson in the “Remember the Time” video is veeeery special. But mostly mostly mostly it’s an homage to that great iconoclast, FLETCH!

Moving on to more serious topics. Aziz Ansari has been known to show up on stage during some of your gigs here in Los Angeles (w/Megapuss and otherwise). Further, Aziz has been adamant in declaring the #3 sandwich from Larchmont Wine and Cheese the best sandwich in Los Angeles. Has he ever dragged you there? In your experience is Aziz to be trusted, when it comes to choosing the restaurant?

I would trust Aziz with my life…but not my sandwich.

There’s my quote.

Megapuss Spaceland 11 Aug 2008 by Sung

Can you briefly share an anecdote or two about the Leonard Cohen collaboration you did with Beck & MGMT et al, for Beck’s Record Club series? How do you feel those sessions turned out?

EVERY take was a first take. You can’t tell unless I have a prominent part in the song, those guys are easily some of the beeeestttttt musicians I’ve ever played with and the funniest sweetest avalanches of radness ever.

Outside Lands Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 23 Aug 2008 by Sung

What’s your favorite country in Europe, and why?

May I just say everywhere, but I don’t know why.

You may. On to the tats. Our ace photog Sung, who has captured your live setting on multiple occasions, is wondering if you can share some insight into your tattoos and their meaning.

Alcoholism and regret. And for a serious answer, please have Sung ask me in person! That answer is half serious. Next tattoo is the name Rebecca across my face!

Gotta ask it. Are you prepared for the possibility that you might actually end up having a ton of Chinese children one day?

Well, if the documentary Junior (starring Arnold Shwarzenegger) tells us anything, it’s that soon the common peon such as myself will be able to bear children. The minute that happens we’re bookin’ the tour.

I’d buy a ticket. Final question, what’s your least favorite Los Angeles intersection, and why?

I wish I could tell ya, but my chauffeur doesn’t speak English.

I used to have that exact same problem. I’ll send you a translator’s contact info; his name is Victor. Thanks for your time, Devendra! We look forward to seeing you at the Wiltern on the 24th!

Right ON! ME TOO! I LOVE YOUR SITE! And I apologize for being the world’s biggest douche!!

Well that was nice of him. Everybody knows douches would never call themselves douches so clearly he’s the anti-douche. See you at the Wiltern this Wednesday Los Angeles. If you’ve just returned from Austin that gives you a full 48 hours to recuperate.

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