The In-N-Out Secret Secret Menu, Revisited For Texas: North Texas Gets Two Inaugural In-N-Out Burger Locations Today

The In-N-Out Secret Secret Menu, Revisited For Texas: North Texas Gets Two Inaugural In-N-Out Burger Locations Today

A bit of the old in-out, in-out

Congratulations to the cities of Allen and Frisco, Texas, both of which opened the doors of their very own In-N-Out Burger on this day. It is with this news and the spirit of benevolence that we now offer tips to all flesh-eating denizens of the Lone Star State.

Now Texans, we have little doubt you’ve been inundated with tips from former Californians prior to ingesting your virgin Double Double and never-frozen side of fries. Further, a quick Google has likely yielded photos of 100×100 troughs and an abundance of those not-so-secret “secret” menu items. Maybe even some ambiguous “burger coin” chatter? Still, chances are high that you have yet been tipped to the Secret Secret In-N-Out Menu. And given that likelihood, here it is again as scribed in its original glory by Victor circa 2006 and revisited now, today, for you, May 11, 2011, Year of our Texas Burger. Here we go:

While we mourn the recent passing of the matriarch of the In-N-Out empire, we can use the occasion to exclusively reveal the Secret Secret In-N-Out Menu without fear of reprisal. Wander into your favorite In-N-Out and ask for any one of the below items. If the cashier pretends to not know what you are talking about, give them a knowing look in the eye and little nod so they’ll know you’re cool and hook you up.

The Cold Karl – A generous dollop of chocolate shake ice cream coiled atop an open-faced pair of buns.

The Monet – An inverted paper employee hat filled with 32 oz. of burger dressing, topped with pickles floated on the surface.

√(4 x 4)/4 – Hamburger.

Vegan Style – 4 leafs of lettuce between 2 leafs of lettuce.

John 3:16 style fries – Fries, no salt.

Mt. Rushmore – 4 fresh whole potatoes, peeled and hand carved to the likenesses of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, deep-fried to golden brown perfection.

Deluxe Flying Dutchman – Kobe beef culotte steak, seved with jalapeno marmalade, with roasted tomato and morel mushroom flan on the side.

The Billy – After ordering, head out back by the dumpsters and wait a bit. Billy will blow you on his next break. (Hollywood location, Weds 4-8 only.)

We’re told all menu items are all still available as of May 2011, though perhaps not at all locations. My advice: Ask for the “Billy” and let that be your benchmark. You get served the Billy, you’ll get a chance to order the rest of the items.

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