Hollywood Bowl Summer Series Goes Hipster

With too much time on my hipster hands, I started to wonder who would win in an all out battle royale between the Arcade Fire and the Polyphonic Spree. (Like this hasn’t entered your head too.) Obviously the Spree has the numbers by 3 to 1, but somehow the Fire seem like a scrappier bunch that would fight more fiercely. Regine seems like she could take the whole chorus section of the Spree. But then again, one swift french horn to the head (helmet or no), and it’s good night Irene.

This summer the Fire and Spree support David Byrne (sans Talking Heads :() and Brian Wilson (sans Mike Love :)) repectively in a pair of shows at the Hollywood Bowl, June 26 and September 4. Tickets already went on sale, but you weren’t about to shell out $115 for the boxes down front that have already been snapped up.

Save the money for a decent bottle of red to bring in, and pick up some $6 bench seats up on the hill (still available as of now). Remember, the Bowl is B.Y.O.B. — Bring your own binoculars.

And feel free to weigh in with your take on the upcoming Arcade Fire vs. Polyphonic Spree steel cage death match. Maybe we can get The Killers vs. The Bravery for the undercard.

Win Surfing
Win Butler: “My new fighting technique is unstoppable!” (photo via arcadefire.net)