To Do This Weekend: See Flying Tub of Margarine

Not sure about heading out for a picnic this weekend? Perhaps the fine folks at Gold n’ Soft® magarine can persuade you to come out to Whittier Narrows Recreation Center in El Monte this Sunday, May 8.

gold n softThose lucky attendees at the Eastside park will be the awed recipients of a fly-by of The World’s Largest Margarine Tub to advertise the Gold n’ Soft® brand. And also to honor Cinco de Mayo. But mainly to advertise the brand.

The Cinco de Mayo weekend picnic at Whittier Narrows, already a popular annual pre-Memorial Day tradition for many Southlanders, is sure to see a boost in attendance thanks to the extra attention from Gold n’ Soft® margarine. It is well known within the marketing industry that Latinos choose their consumer goods purchases based on aerial advertisements, so this is sure to spread sales of Gold n’ Soft® magarine, while simultaniously enriching the picnicing experience, making this a win-win for everyone. Well, except the French, who had their asses handed to them in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. For our French friends, this margarine fly-by will surely be salt in the wounds of their bitter defeat.