Visit the David Geffen Estate!

geffenIn 1983 Hollywood mogul David Geffen pledged to open a public pathway from PCH to the beach in exchange for Coastal Commission permission to build his Cape Cod-style compound across several beachfront lots. The pathway remained blocked for two decades due to government inaction and then was tied up in court for three years as Geffen’s lawyers raised a series of legal arguments which were ultimately rejected.

On Thursday beachgoers were finally able to access the ocean in front of David Geffen’s Malibu estate. And now you can too! Here’s the address:

The David Geffen Estate
22114/22126 Pacific Coast Hwy.
Malibu, CA 90265
map and directions

Tourists, large families and the creepy are strongly encouraged to visit. But be careful, security guards are on watch for anyone crossing onto Geffen property. And please try to keep it down–Keanu’s a light sleeper.