In Profile: The GrAssHopper

inside lies your destiny

Legend has it that a bar for the ages exists at the corner of Fountain and Normandie. The nondescript, weathered facade gives nary a hint of the glimmer of jewels inside.

GrAssHopper! GrAssHopper! Sing we now our song of praise.
GrAssHopper! GrAssHopper! Getting sloshed in squalid haze.
GrAssHopper! GrAssHopper! I’m the Guero, this much we know!
Drinking has never been so fun when fistfights are a common show!
Tengo La Camisa Negra? That means you have a black soul!
Oh dear sweet fancy GrAssHopper! GrAssHopper! How we love thee so.

As a general rule, if citysearch can’t find it, it’s worth exploring. Citysearch aside, a quick google reveals that the artwork outside has gone through a few iterations.