In Profile: Oki-Dog

In Profile: Oki-Dog

shack for the ages

Oki-Dog, now we sing thee merits. Day-glo orange shack! Shack with proud “C” rating on Fairfax! Former shack of the punkrockers in the 70s on Santa Monica Blvd!

Oki-Dog: Where menu letters are exchanged so you can buy either Hot Coffee or Hot Cock for .98 cents – your choice!

Oki-Dog: How is it made? Oki-Dog: Do we care!?

Ode to the Oki, Bukowski style……

i ate an ’oki-dog’ yesterday…
tortilla that has been magically folded to have two compartments
each with a dog in it
one side filled then with chili
and cheese
the other filled to the juicing brim with pastrami
the resulting giant burrito is nearly unmanageable

i think it is trying to resolve itself inside me now

Even Tony Bourdain can’t resist the call of the Oki.