Spaceland, a Place for Cribs

cribsThe Cribs @ Spaceland
July 27, 2005

It was a strange lineup at Spaceland. Nine Black Alps opened, playing stripped down rock-n-roll, like the Cribs. This pairing made sense. However, the two bands sandwiched between them (Pit Er Pat and Need New Body) could be described as experimental at best. It was an odd lineup choice to say the least, which left some of the crowd confused and the rest apathetic.

The Brothers Crib, made up of Ryan Jarman (guitar/vocal), Gary Jarman (bass/vocal), and Ross Jarman(drums) barely interacted with the Spaceland audience but delivered their simple tunes with passion and confidence. Ryan (aka Ryan Crib) threw himself into the performance…as well as his mic. By the end of the set his lips bled. He also managed to play guitar one-handed using the other hand to drink beer.

The audience was small but consisted almost entirely of fans. During “Another Number” the crowd hummed the guitar hook, and Ryan and Gary Crib performed a dance, kicking and spitting at each other throughout “It Was Only Love” – a bouncy love tune.

Here’s the setlist for The Cribs Spaceland debut.

Hey, Scenesters
Lights Went Out
Mirror Kisses
It Was Only Love
You Were Always…
We Can No Longer…
What About Me
Another Number
Wrong Way to Be