Photo Op: Maghrebi Drummer

i drum hella outta this thing

Something about this shot taken at the cheb i sallah show last night seems to speak to me. As explained last night basically the Maghrebi drummer does his thing, the ladies add the funk to the sidelines and grab the spotlight when it needs to be grabbed, chebiji lays it down on the 1’s and 2’s and tabla man hits it when the mood strikes him. Speaking of the 1’s and 2’s though we have a few bonus photos for you today. Cheb didn’t bust out any iPods but there was a definite lack of vinyl in the plaza – this is strictly a cdj setup.

Bonus Photos:
I don’t know who in the hell this dude is, but we keep appearing at the same shows. He looks just like kdrive and wife…
Prince interior – koreatown
Beatnik stylee
Drummer redux