Off-Pitch Pitcher Pitches New CD

Off-Pitch Pitcher Pitches New CD

If you went to college in the 90’s chances are there was someone in your dorm with an acoustic guitar who could play a handful of popular grunge songs. At first you were impressed when he strummed Plush and Black. But the novelty wore off real quick. And you grew into deeper fits of rage each time you overheard him pick the intro to the “I’m going hungry” song.

Boston Red Sox hurler Bronson Arroyo was one of those guys. Only he never grew out of it. After a start against the Angels Saturday, Arroyo will appear at the Sunset Guitar Center signing copies of his recently released debut album, “Covering the Bases.” The album features twelve cover songs including Plush, Black and the “I’m going hungry” song.

bronson arroyo

Bronson Arroyo Autograph Signing
Guitar Center on Sunset
Saturday, August 20
7-8 PM

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Listen to “Covering the Bases” Samples on Amazon