Photo Op: Jazz Pants @ LACMA

salmon-shirted goodnessThis cheerful gentleman was spotted Friday evening at LACMA’s free jazz patio scene, chatting up the ladies near the bar.

I was there thanks to the incessant prodding of a friend who’d been insisting I just HAD to see Tim Hawkinson’s exhibit, which closes August 28 (Sunday).

Looking at , it appears 5000 has done a much better write-up of the exhibit than I could hope to do, so go read that. Cliffnotes edition: Regardless of Sunset Junction, you will be doing yourself a grave disservice if you do not allot at least one-to-two hours of your life to go see this exhibit before Monday. I don’t generally endorse exhibits but I’m going to say it on record here, now, go see this one. You should easily be able to do this with more than ample time for roasted corn and parking nightmares in Silver Lake.

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