On the LAm: Eli Meirav

On the LAmName: Eli Meirav
Alias: Eli Mizra
Height: 5’ 9″
Weight: 150 pounds
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Wanted For: Felony Hit and Run

If you enjoyed the Where’s Waldo series as a child, here’s your change to dust off your spatial recognition skills and apply them to find the Fugitive of the Week.

Somewhere in this city Eli Meirav is hiding out. You’ll think you found him a bunch of times but it’ll just be another guy wearing the same hat or a barber shop pole. After combing through the LA cityscape inch by inch you’ll ask yourself why this is so damn difficult. But just before you get violently angry a 10-year old will point him out after looking for about 10 seconds.

More Info from the LAPD