Photo Op: Dead After Dark

Photo Op: Dead After Dark

street filled with...empty people!

Sure sure, this week’s photo is relatively boring. Nonetheless it was chosen to emphasize one thing: Nobody’s Downtown After Dark. I mean come on. How many times have you been on Broadway in the heat of a Saturday thinking ’Christ Almighty, this is the seventh level of Hell’ …or maybe ’Sweet Christ Fantastic, this is better than the Ringling Brothers’ ? Whatever your reaction (Christ-based or not), you’re more than likely referring to the maddening crowds of people. People everywhere. More people on that street than the number of questionable food items in the steam trays at Clifton’s. People everywhere! Broadway, hear ye roar!

This photo was taken on Broadway at 8:30 pm Thursday night, September 1. 8:30. Prime dinner hour, right? Look at that street. I could walk outside my fourplex right now and encounter more people.

Enough about that. I was on Broadway Thursday eve thanks to MOCA’s Free Thursday policy which allowed me to finally view the Basquiat exhibit. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t mind telling you that I plan to return for one of the DJ events later this month. Following the exhibit, I made the short-yet-sketchy walk to Cole’s for a pint. It was apparently Free Thursday at Cole’s too: the bartender pulled me the wrong beer and promptly comped it. No complaints here.

Bonus People-Free Photos:
Heine on the Playa, 8/30/05
Dansungsa, Exterior, 8/31/05 (Oh! For the jocund din inside wafting out those vents…)
Soot Bull Jeep, 7/28/05
Somebody shows up and ruins my people-free photo, 9/1/05