Photo Op: Life Is Wonderful

life is wonderfulI can’t help but feel somebody at Mid-West Wholesale Lighting is pulling the collective leg of Thai Town here. Is this an official management credo or the work of a disgruntled employee? Is business truly great? Are people in fact terrific, or are they simply “no good” as Nick Cave claims? Is life truly wonderful? This is an old saying typically quipped by regional salespeople and real estate agents. You can’t sell lighting with a frowny face, so why not print out the credo and affix it with tape to your Hollywood Boulevard frontage? Share your joie de vivre with the locals!

While the credo is by no means new or groundbreaking, the host of philosophical conondrums the sign conjures up (along with its xeroxed treatment and location) naturally elevated it to instant photo-of-week status. This is actually one of two window signs outside the establishment. The second sign has fallen down (photo) and none of the great-businessed, wonderful-lifed, terrific people inside appear to give enough of a crap to re-affix it to the middle of the window with great, terrific, wonderful Scotch Tape.

There’s something beautiful and poignant about that fallen sign, though. It’s tough to put a finger on it. Gazing at it there on the ground, propped up by the window barricades, I couldn’t help but agree that life truly is wonderful.

Bonus Photos
Mid-West Lighting Signage, 9-8-2005
Harvard House is directly across the street from Mid-West Lighting. Their signs are notably different.