On the LAm: Phillip Cho

On the LAmName: Phillip Cho
Height: 5’ 11″
Weight: 160 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Oddities: Light Complexion

Sargeant: Put out an APB on a Phillip Cho…black hair…brown eyes…medium build…
Officer: Any distinguishing features? Scars, tattoos, physcial abnormalities?
Sargeant: Yes, the suspect has a light complexion.
Officer: But sarge, Phillip Cho is Korean.
Sargeant: A Black Korean? Now I’ve heard everything!
Officer: No, he’s not Black. He’s just Korean. And most Koreans have a light complexion naturally so I was just pointing out that it really isn’t an oddity. In fact, Cho’s kind of tan in this photo.
Sargeant: Most Koreans? Let’s make one thing clear–we do not tolerate racial stereotyping at the LAPD. Now put out that APB.
Officer: Yes, Sargeant.

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