Lots of Impellitteri Shredding Solos

  • George Bush to fuck shit up again, locally, later today. Thanks, G.W. Good thing no one drives the 405. Between 4 and 9 p.m. On a weekday.

  • From KNAC.com and Chris Impellitteri’s site:

    Impellitteri!“I am currently writing and recording music with my new Los Angeles based metal band. This will be the first official band I have actually joined. The music is definitely metal; and yes there are lots of Impellitteri shredding solos! However, the difference between my new band and Impellitteri is the fact that I am just the lead guitarist as opposed to the leader of the group. Furthermore, I am excited to be part of this new band to see if we can build something special for the metal community. If all goes well we should have some new music by next summer and the official name of the band.”

  • Somewhere in SuBurbank, Gary Marshall is planning a live stage production of “Happy Days”. Let it go already, Gary. Seriously–let it go. “Happy Days” was never really any good, don’t let nostalgia and money make you think otherwise.

  • Wal-Mart heiress pays someone to do her homework at USC. Typical Trojan.

  • The manager-less Dodgers get busy and announce… renovations to stadium seating. No word on renovations to the lineup that finished the season 71-91.

  • Apparently there was something L.A.-based called www.MP3downloadcity.com. It has been shut down. I never heard of it either. But I’m sure Soulseek welcomes its users with open arms.

  • Steve Martin to reveal “inevitable loneliness in sprawling Los Angeles” with “Shopgirl.” Great. Just what we needed. Save the snide, patronizing “insights” for the back pages of The New Yorker, Steve-o. We know who we are and don’t need you telling us.

  • Ryan Seacrest: WeHo’s “Queen for a Day” this Halloween. [I don’t think so–Ed.]

  • Panda Express to donate bicycles, helmets, orange chicken, broccoli beef to area students.

  • Tut is still here?