Photo Op: The Stir Crazy Stir Crazy Sneaky

stir crazyThis one took me a while to figure out. I was so confused. Hello, we are Stir Crazy. We were going sort of stir crazy in our coffee shop at 6917 Melrose, so we moved five doors down and set up shop at 6903 Melrose. At the new Stir Crazy five doors down you’ll be pleased to find the exact same outdoor facade, the exact same dimly-lit green smoke-tinged interior, the exact same floorplan, and the exact same people smoking cigarettes, reading and writing screenplays choking up the entranceway. Erstwhile the OG Stir Crazy, an identical albeit empty twin, sits moping a few doors away like the discarded shell of a seventeen-year locust: All facade, no heart. Nothing would make me happier than to see Stir Crazy continue to get stir crazy every few years and move to a new location, leaving the shell of the former always in place. Soon we’ll have hundreds of Stir Crazies concentrated around Melrose, continue to stir crazy
and you’ll never be able to tell which the hell one of them is actually open for business. Call me crazy, sir, but I’ve a mind to rent the 6917 plot right now, white-out the “T” and set up shop as “Sir Crazy.” Free WiFi. No Smoking. Screenplay readings and coiffed urban coffee posings, $4/hour.