Photo Op: QuintissentiaLA (Beverly Blvd)

the city
This installment goes out to all the readers who have never actually visited LA proper. You’ve seen it on television. You’ve seen the westside. The beach. Venice. Beverly Hills. Century City. The downtown skyline. Dodger Stadium. Staples Center. You’ve seen studio lots. You’ve seen Capitol Records. You’ve seen the big sign.

I am here to tell you in no uncertain terms that those images while sometimes lovely do not represent city proper. If you come to city proper. Particularly east of say, La Brea. This is by-and-large all you see. This, and taco trucks. Everywhere. If you plan to come here. And you are not expecting or do not care for the above. Please, just do not come. It is super fucking crowded already. I personally couldn’t love it more.