Top Thirty Chuck Henry Facts

You’ve read the top thirty fact about Chuck Norris. But did you know these facts about Channel 4 News anchorman, Chuck Henry?

    chuck henry nbc

  1. Chuck Henry is 60 years old.
  2. Middle name: Mathers
  3. Chuck was a news anchor in both non-continental states.
  4. Chuck Henry hosted and produced “Eye on L.A.” which ran from 1984 to 1991.
  5. Eye on L.A. once aired a 3-D Hawaiian Swimsuit Spectacular.
  6. is not Chuck Henry’s boutique design shop. It is the web site for Atlanta’s premiere floral designer.
  7. Two third-grade teachers added Chuck Henry to their curriculum.
  8. Chuck Henry has won 12 regional Emmy Awards
  9. A 2003 regional Emmy Award was awarded for spot coverage of a dump truck chase.
  10. Chuck Henry starred in The North Avenue Regulars, Wisdom and The Tommyknockers.
  11. The average user rating of movies starring Chuck Henry is 5.1 out of 10.
  12. chuck henry beat the oddsChuck hosted a pilot in 1975 for the gameshow Beat the Odds
  13. On Beat the Odds players stopped a spinning wheel by yelling “stop” while trying to avoid Whammies–a full eight years before Press Your Luck.
  14. 14 years later, Chuck Henry tried his hand at another game show, Now You See It.
  15. Now You See it was cancelled after 15 weeks.
  16. is owned by a truck and trailer shop in Kansas.
  17. On you can buy a 24’ long Fruehauf dump trailer with 66″ sides, full frame, Budds, 50% tires & brakes, 1974 Frame, 1985 Tub, roll tarp, asphalt liner and top hinge gate for $13,850.
  18. This is what the Chuck Henry of looks like:
    Chuck Henry Good Pic
  19. Chuck Henry is the Executive Producer and host of “Travel Cafe”.
  20. 2001 L.A. sports schedules are conveniently listed on the Travel Cafe Web Site
  21. Chuck Henry always signs off by saying “I’m Chuck Henry, so long everybody.”
  22. Chuck has never once signed off by saying “I, Chuck Henry, am so long, everybody.”
  23. IMDB notes Chuck Henry’s other trademark is driving a black Beemer.
  24. Chuck Henry has been married for more than 30 years…presumably to the same woman
  25. Chuck and his wife have four children.
  26. Before taking off to work each day in his Black BMW, Chuck Henry would tell his wife and kids, “I’m Chuck Henry, so long everybody” (unverified)
  27. Chuck Henry FIreWhile covering a story on wildfires in 2003, Chuck Henry and his cameraman were rescued by a firefighter as his news van was engulfed in flames.
  28. Chuck and his cameraman were sitting inside the vehicle when the wind whipped flames around them and the thick smoke caused the ignition to malfunction.
  29. Moments after the incident, Chuck cried on camera as he credited the firefighter who saved his life.
  30. Chuck Henry served as Grand Marshall of the 2005 Monrovia Days Parade