Photo Op: Sitton’s Butter, NoHo

Holy sweetastic butterbowls!
Jesus Christ. Look at it. I just had quadruple bypass while ftp’ing the image. Let’s all take a small break from our daily activities to stare at a holy gigantic mound of fluffed butter.

coffeeI really don’t have much to say, other than Holy Fucking Shit Would You Look At That Giant Tower Of Butter Creaming Out The Top Of That Bowl Akin To An Ice Cream Sundae If Ice Cream Were Yellowish And Considerably More Detrimental. Brings up an interesting question. Which is more dangerous to eat, a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of fluffed butter? I’ll try both over the weekend and report back my findings. One step further, what’s the most dangerous food a person could possibly eat? Don’t say blowfish.

Sitton’s is ok in my book. I’d originally come to NoHo to check out a different diner which has apparently disappeared. Fortunately for yours truly, Sitton’s stepped up and sated my need for bacon and coffee. BACON! I said it. I’ll eat it. Hell, give me yours. Sitton’s embodies everything you’d expect from a diner in NoHo: Great diner coffee, stools, a few grungy actors, snappy service. Lower your expectations, lower your health, order up a plate of biscuits and gravy and don’t bitch if it’s cold. This is what diners are made of: Butter.

Sitton’s Diner
11329 Magnolia
24 hours

Bonus Photos:
Signage, Dineage

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