The Mystique of the Kibitz Room

The Mystique of the Kibitz Room

Canter’s Kibitz Cookies

At this point, I can’t stop myself. Ryan:Canters :: Norm:Cheers.

Every time I go, man. Every time I go to this place, something incredibly stupid is transpiring. Something interesting. Something fun. Something sad. Mostly, something stupid. Half the time, I’m the something stupid. Every night of the week an Elizabethan play is staged, free of charge and largely unbeknownst to the general public. Most nights, tragedy over comedy. Something that makes you laugh for days, or immediately breaks your heart. Sometimes both. Such is life.

40% of the times I come here, I don’t remember the ending of the play. Such is Canter’s. Nonetheless, I always leave giggling.

I’ll hold off introducing the cast at this time. Give me another 40 years. I should however add that I have no idea what these grandma cookies were doing at this table, and that I ate at least a dozen of them.

Bonus Photos:
Another gratuitous cookie shot
Girl playing kazoo

Canter’s Delicatessen (24 hours) and Kibitz Room (10am-2am)
419 North Fairfax