Losanjealous Interviews Western Truck Exchange

Losanjealous Interviews Western Truck Exchange

Mark. Wayne. Dan. Ron. Talks with WTE have completely and unequivocally broken down. Initially cooperative, Mark’s become elusive. Evasive. I get more e-mail replies from my shoe. Frankly I move we reconfigure, revamp, revise. Throw the interview questions to responsive readers, post-haste, immediately, now. Somebody’s getting interviewed, this much is certain.

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1) First off, let’s talk about the logo. Arguably you have the three most visible faces in Hollywood. Whose idea was it? Who drew it? Has anybody ever been recognized in person from the logo? (Wayne?)

2) Who came up with the idea to brand the mudflaps on the trucks?
Was it conceived in the era of Yosemite Sam and Busty Naughty Lady? (For the record, Busty Naughty Lady was my favorite growing up. But then, you guys didn’t really have a presence in north central Oklahoma . . .)

3) Did you know at the time of creation that your logo would become an iconic image?

4) What’s Wayne really like?

5) What did you think when Al Tru wanted to sell your shirt? (Your shirt is selling for $32!) I have a Western Truck Exchange shirt that was purchased a few years ago from Urban Outfitters. Did you make any money off of that transaction?

Moving ahead…

12) What was Losanjealous like in 1922? Those were olden times. The internets did not exist. What did people do all day? What was being trucked around? Please elaborate on the founding of the company.

14) Last night I saw “John Boy Walton” and his family at a local restaurant. He looked identical to how you are picturing John Boy, right now, in your mind. Circling back to the first question. Have you ever made public appearances together and been recognized as the Western Truck Three? John Boy was at Buddha’s Belly. Where do you dine, collectively? For some reason I always envision you guys with three Nagel girls at a cartoon bar someplace. Say it’s so. Her name is Rio, and we’re Mark, Wayne, Wayne and Dan?

15) Mark’s personal credo or quote:
Wayne’s personal credo or quote:
Dan’s personal credo or quote:


UPDATE! – 11am 27 March 2006
The following update arrived in my inbox this morning:

Hi Ryan,

Mark has forwarded this information to me. I will try and complete the information requested by the end of this week. As you might notice, it’s the youngest brother who gets to do all of the work. Thanks for your patience.

Wayne Holtzman
Parts Manager

Wayne himself will be compiling the information. Stay tuned for the full Losanjealous exclusive interview with Mark, Wayne, and Dan of Western Truck Exchange.