Hasta Luego, Chihuahua. Te Veré en Venice.

Hasta Luego, Chihuahua. Te Veré en Venice.

Chalk up another end of an era in a city that specializes in ending eras. This time, it’s personal. Santa Monica casually squeezes out one of its few remaining killer sub-$3 eateries:

“Family owned and operated for over 30 years!”
We Thank You for Your Patronage.

muy deliciososDear Valued Customers,
The property on which we are located here in Santa Monica, has been sold. The new owners have asked us to move by the end of May. We would like to thank all of you for the many years that you have supported our business. Formerly known as Lucy’s and ultimately Taqueria Chihuahua, we have been at this same location for over 30 years. It saddens us to have to leave this way, but we have no choice. We hope to relocate nearby, but have not found a suitable location here in Santa Monica. Coincidently we are also opening a location in Los Angeles. We would appreciate it if you would leave us an e-mail address or business card, so that we may keep you informed. Please feel free to contact us at www.taqueriachihuahua.com.
Mario Banda
The Banda Family

Take heart. That $4.25 “All Meat” burrito, roughly the size and heft of a fired clay brick, will continue to be made available at the new and considerably rowdier neighborhood, four miles away, donde tendrán más competición, in a few short weeks.

Nothing is permanent.

Taqueria Chihuahua
1922 Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA —>
12034 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA