Losanjealous Band Profile: Whirlwind Heat

Losanjealous Band Profile: Whirlwind Heat

Whirlwind HeatI know what you’re thinking. You see three white guys with boyish good looks, shaggy with a bit of beard, a sense of humor and you immediately think, Whatever these guys are selling–improv sketch comedy, American Apparel, independently-published metafiction, discopunk, whatever–you are having none of it. You just are tired of these types of guys, whatever their medium of choice. And, generally speaking, you’d be right. After all, prejudice based on apperances is an excellent time saver. But not in the case of Whirlwind Heat. Check out this trio for yourself out and see.

They’re from Grand Rapids and recorded in their LP Types of Wood in Sacramento. (Listen to the whole thing here.) Both Beck and Jack White are already big boosters. And if that’s not enough for you to get on board, the tunes themselves are tight, spare and nimble rockers. It is punky and funky but surprisingly, neither punk-funk, nor funk-punk. The arrangements give new meaning to my all-time favorite rock adjective “BASS-DRIVEN.” They employ no guitar, opting instead for tasteful Moog accompaniment. The singer dude works a melodic version of that that singer sneer cut from the NYC lineage of Reed, Thurston and Malkmus. They are already picking up traction in the U.K., so get hip to them now before they break here.

Download “Reagan” here. Bafflingly, it is simultaneously a typical and standout cut.

Catch Whirlwind Heat live at the Neighborhood Musical Festival in Long Beach this Saturday.

They return to LA in June with Be Your Own Pet in June. We’ll have a ticket giveaway to this show, so stay tuned.