Korendians Wanted

Jeannette stumbled across a flyer in Santa Monica recently and brought word of the flyer to the Losanjealous offices. Seems to be a good cause. Losanjealous would like Santa Monica residents to know that Dave Hart (of The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show) is looking for Korendians and/or Orville Wright. If you can help him in either capacity please, by all means, do so.

korendians wanted

Text: I am Descent of Orville Wright I would like to have contact with the
Community your Descentent touch Orville Wright my Great GrandFather how to make the Airplane to Fly successfully! I like to make contact with the Korendian Leader that are Older Master English Go into the Light intell we meet again! Korendian GM2LNYMSM2al;krjaoitu[oiuatio[jutopaijpjaf;ljal;fj ael;j
English Smile God Loves us! 2006

Korendian TSa;fkja;lfiu[arul;aijljl;fjp0q835098
ContactMe David Liebe Hart
phoNE Number [redacted] 

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