All Hail Shack Row

In a city where things are in constant flux, it is comforting to find Westwood Village’s Shack Row basically remaining the same decade after neverending decade: Sleazy, dirt-cheap, filling as hell. Burgers. Burritos. Buck Fiddy Subs. Korean BBQ. Falafel. All manner of shackfood for the broke college student.

The below photo was submitted yesterday by an associate of one of our hundred-dozen field reporters.

Locale: Shack Row
Chicken Burrito: $2.50
Shoe Size (for scale): 12

Shack Burrito

Foot-in-mouth jokes aside, it certainly gives Lincoln Heights’ SuperDongBurrito a run for the money when you consider you could conceivably juggle two 12″ dongs for .50 less than the price of one SuperDong. Talk about doubling down. Let me hear you:

Shack Row! We Love You!
We Don’t Know What We’d Do
Without your Dongs for $2.50
As Big As My Damn Shoe!