By The Teeth of San Gennaro

A   P H O T O   E S S A Y   B Y  L O S A N J E A L O U S   R Y A N

The Fifth Annual Precious Cheese Feast of San Gennaro continues Sunday, 9/24 in Hollywood. Recommended.

Items consumed by yours truly yesterday: Baconwrapped hot dog (ok – technically this was outside the festival), Fried Twinkie, Fried Calzone, Peroni Beer, Cannoli, Fried Calzone #2, Cannoli #2, Peroni Beer, Sausage Sandwich, Assorted Garlic Waffle Fries, Peroni Beer. Holy good lord. I gained forty pounds just reading that.

Bonus photos: Bocce, Crush Grapes, Boggle at String Cheese Man