Photo Op: Total Assholes Behind Jerry's Deli

Photo Op: Total Assholes Behind Jerry’s Deli

seagulls are total assholes.

Seagulls that are assholes are marked with an asterick.

When it comes to birds in LA, seagulls are the biggest assholes of the lot. Nothing you can say will ever convince me otherwise. Chances are very high that each and every one of the birds in this photo is a total prick. These assholes were spotted dumpster diving behind Jerry’s Deli on Beverly near La Cienega. What a bunch of assholes. Look how they fly straight toward me menacingly, while one asshole guards the perimeter between the dumpsters. Fuck off, you are all a bunch of assholes.

  • Birds with a “*” demarcation above are assholes.
  • Total asshole-to-bird ratio: 100%